Throwing off the dirty cloak

We have heard the story of blindman Bartinaeus over and over again. Our pastors and priests have given a lot of lessons from it so much that we are all conversant with the story.

However, there’s one striking lesson I would also want to share. You may have heard it already.

I would want us to centre on Mark 10:50, though it’s important to refresh your mind from verse 46.

After the jabs, insults and Bartimaeus’ persistence to see Jesus, he finally gets that opportunity, so Jesus calls him.

Bartimaeus makes a gesture that is worth commenting about and that is “throwing off his cloak he sprang up and came to Jesus”.

I ask myself why he has to throw off his cloak only when Jesus has called him.

This cloak has always been with him to the very knowledge of everyone in Jericho.

Bartimaeus is simple teaching us that before we go to Jesus, there are certain dirty cloaks (hatred, envy, licentiousness, corruption, anger, pride, selfishness etc) in our lives that needs to be thrown away.

Sometimes we pray and fast just to see something we desire most come to fruition but we never see it.

Sometimes too, we feel being called to a ministry but we’re still not excelling.

Have we thought of the cloak (sin) we are till clinging on to? Have we considered that without the cloak (addiction) which has become heavy because of filth, we will actually feel lighter, and will also give us the agility to go to Jesus as swift as a thunder light?

When you’re called, remember to leave behind your dirty cloak because it’s not worth going before the Lord with such filth.

Till next time…….

I’m a Christian because. . . pillow conversation with Moonlight

Often times we hear life is a choice, and we choose what we want to become and what to become of us. Have we ever thought of the things we never get the opportunity to choose ourselves?

For instance, the family or country we want to come from, the religious sect we want to be affiliated to, the kind of god we want to serve, etc.

Should we have the opportunity to make all these choices, our lines would have never crossed. That’s not a big deal anyway because we have no connections with people elsewhere but life still goes on for us.

However, after listening to Imrana’s song titled; “Imagine say”, ( l realised we are, to some extent, who we are not because of a decision we made or a path we chose, rather, we are what the world serves us with even when we have not requested for it.

Imagine you being born into a Christian family, there is sure possibility of you becoming a Christian.

Such is so for all other religions and even those who think they are not part of any.

In actual facts, about 98% of the people caught up in my survey on why they were affiliated to a particular religion admitted that they had no choice because it was what they were introduced to. “When I realised I was human, I had been introduced to Christianity already,” an interviewee said.

He added that he was still in that particular religion because “my quest to understand some things has yielded a good reason to stay a Christian.”

Same can be said about people in other religions, including Moonlight who thinks she’s not part of any religion.

She was born into a family that believes in science, and though, they acknowledge the existence of God, they do not worship Him the way the various religions do. That does not make them evil, right?

This has become her orientation by virtue of the fact that it was introduced to her at birth just like Islamism, Buddhism and Christianity were introduced to people at birth without their consent.

Also, just as someone born into a religious family, she too in the quest to find God has come to accept what she was introduced to as true and sacred means of acknowledging Him.

Have you ever wondered what religion you would have been affiliated to if you had not been introduced to the one you are currently in? Imagine you ended up in that religion that you so much despise now.

Imagine you have come to accept the religion you despise so much.

At the end of it all, there is no conviction that your religion is the best. Everyone thinks his is best too, so let’s appreciate each other’s orientation and live in harmony.

Till next time, this is a pillow conversation with Moonlight.

Useless column: don’t read
Have you realised that when you are frying plantain (Kɔkɔɔ), it never gets ready but as soon as you excuse yourself for few seconds, they get burnt? The god of kɔkɔɔ burning, Michael Obeng Otaah can explain this mystery.

Unintended discovery 😆😆

How fun…….wait….I mean, how frustrating😤😬 was your school days?

You see that jiffy when it is getting to the end of the semester and 1983 famine has broke into your chop box? That period is very devastating.☹ This is the very moment that thought me a recipe I have been doing for a while now.

I woke up one ‘famine morning’ with nothing in my pocket💰 but I had a sachet of spaghetti🍜 (the Gino one some), sugar and some rolls of milk powder in my box.😉 That is actually all I needed on my recipe list. It’s a lie;😂😂😂 that was all I had left in my chop box so l had no other option than to make something out of it, hehehehe.

But talia🍜 and sugar de33, abi no lieñ oo. They don’t crisscross at any junction, especially on this part of our continent. But man must eat.

I broke the spatter into pieces, almost as small as grains of rice and cooked it like I was preparing “rice water”.🍚 I added my sugar and milk powder, and breakfast was served.🍵

Chaley, the thing dey be roff.👌

I didn’t have any special skills already or aware of that recipe oo, but you know, hunger can make you do so much nonsenses sometimes, and my nonsense turned out to be my special recipe.😅😅

Don’t try some yet. And if you try it, acknowledge the proponent of this recipe.

Till next time, this is my special nonsense recipe.

What do you look out for when choosing a partner?

Nearing the turn of the third decade of our lives, especially, the mid and late twenties, is characterised with thoughts of career paths to choose, particular jobs to do and certain standards we want to attain.

Another most important but challenging decision we tend to brood our heads about is obviously the kind of life partners we want to live our lives with.

These inevitable decisions become one hell of a conundrum for us.

Suddenly, fear of whether we can actually accomplish those dreams in the future starts to trickle in.😯😓🙁

The tenacious turbulence that emanates from these choices we make usually prevents us from making certain decisions with the fear that we will be held responsible when the outcome of the decisions turn out sour.

However, no matter how nebulous the future may appear; no matter how scary the decision may be, we still have to make them because when we come to terms with the fact that not making a decision is absolutely making a wrong decision, we will feel more pressured, and we will also face reality.

As young as we are, we need to ascertain the qualities of a good partner for relationship and marriage before making a choice of such partners for a lasting relationship.

There is no denying that someone’s looks are what initially draws us to them.😊

It’s sometimes difficult to spot a great personality from across the room.

Many a fling was built on physical attraction alone, but how can it last?

For me, a woman who believes both in her and my visions and is willing to support and encourage us to pursue those goals is important when considering a long term future together.😊😊😊

Again, I’m not quite sure how to explain this one. I just feel the word ‘kind-hearted’ in itself will get the point across. A woman who is thoughtful – who does small things for you for no other reason than she loves you as you do for her,💞 a woman who when she smiles at you,😊 gives you no choice but to smile back,😊 a woman who radiates warmth from her heart,❤ should not escape the qualities you’re looking for.😍😚

However, no matter how profound those qualities may seem, missing a link in your choice can mar the relationship into rubbles.

Errrm…before I get roasted by people who think I’m in no position fit to talk about relationship matters😃😃 because of reasons best known to them, let me just ask you this. What do you look out for when choosing a partner?

{Leave your answer in the comment box below}

Till next time, this is from my mind’s mind.

Useless column, don’t read.
I don’t seem to understand why mere fictional movies can make me cry.😭 No matter how much I hate doing so, I still cry anyway.😏 I thought I was the only one so weird about this till I went to the movies with her, and I must admit, the movie was a bit scary👺👹👿. It was still fiction anyway.💁

She barely watched the movie and when her eyes finally met with one of the scenes, she screamed😱…I mean, she yelled😲 as if she was being caught by a monster that very moment. It was when I realised we are all weirdoes. You are too, for reading this column.😅😅😅😅

Better to be restricted home than to be free and homeless

A friend once told me it saddens her so much that up until now, her parents restrict her from going out.

She explained that her parents have been cautioning her not to leave the house, thus, always stay home, anytime they are going out.

That, she said, makes her feel that her parents perceive she will go out and engage in all sort of unspeakable things, though she has never moved an inch away from their sight without them knowing her whereabouts and what she goes to do.

This restriction really saddens her, awww😣.

I chuckled (hehehe 😅) and asked her if the parents close the door behind them when moving out of the house, and she replied no.

I then told her; “My dear, you are not being restricted by your parents, not even for a moment. They have always given you that freedom.”

No matter how absurd my response may seem, that is the truth.

You know? the parents did not lock up this daughter of theirs but let the doors open in front of her.

She could have gone out if she wanted to. Many of us have flouted the instructions of our superiors before so you will bear with me on the score. I lie?😉

The problem lies in the fact that she has refused to see the caution as an information the parents are giving to her about a malicious, dangerous and plagued-with-evil sort of outside that they never wish their daughter will become a part of.

However, she feels restricted, and at least, needs some sort of freedom.

By the way, I am not here to talk about going out. I rather want us to look at freedom and how it can contravene its meaning.

Freedom is a nice phenomenon that allows you to do whatever pleases you.

That is actually the brighter side. Have you ever thought about the dark side as well?

You should know that some of the very things that freedom allows you to do are the very things that will enslave you.

Freedom can really sound like a lofty concept and thus, shouldn’t be treated one-sided.

Today, people have made a god out of freedom and think it is of paramount importance in everything – whether it is the freedom to engage in outrageous sins or simply to ride a motorcycle without a helmet.

While is it important to be free, some freedoms we seek produce nothing but harm.

The fact that the door to freedom is set before you does not necessarily mean you should tread.

Know that it is better to stay in a home and be restricted than to be free and homeless.

Till next time, this is from my mind’s mind.

Useless column; don’t read !!!😂😂😂

I am going to eat my Fufu and energy drink with Uncle Otaah and Opanyin Boamah. After all, we are free to do so.

Can we ever stop sinning?

“Can we stop sinning? I mean can we become completely sinless?” She asked without even starting the conversation with the conventional salutation; “Good evening”. I guess the question has haunted her overtime and she needed someone to disgorge it over to, so I became the nearest victim.

She wondered what will become of man if the world should come to an end right now; drawing knowledge from the fact that no one can tread the path of the father’s house with even a strap of sin on him or herself. Confer Rev 21:27.

The question has also set my mind in motion in trying to figure out a proper way to answering her. I know most of you wouldn’t hesitate in telling her that man can never be sinless. You are right because after all, the bible tells us that “Surely there is no one on earth so righteous as to do good without ever sinning” (Ecc 7:22).

In as much as I agree with you on this score, Ecclesiastes 7:22 shouldn’t be a justification for you to continuously wallow in sin.

It is obvious that you can get to a certain state where you unconsciously don’t notice you have sinned, in one way or the other, because of your persistent act of kindness, compassion and love shown to humanity.

Consider the story Jesus narrates about the faithful ones who will enter the father’s house and others who will not, in the Gospel according to Matthew 25:31-46.

The story brings to light what will make them enter there, which is charity. And a more surprising knowledge about this story is that some people will ask “Lord, when did we see You hungry and fed You, or thirsty and gave You drink? (Matt 25:37).

This is to say some people may find themselves in the father’s house without their conscious knowledge of what led them there.

Therefore, when you decide to believe in Christ and make charity a life worth pursuing, thoughts of sinning gradually will fade out because a very daring and unrelenting life of benevolence takes over the mind in a slow but surest way.

Thus, love covers a multitude of sins.
Regardless of your being holy, the act of charity (love, kindness, care and compassion) for humanity will also be the yardstick used in measuring your worthiness to be in the promised Paradise.

Don’t get it twisted by continuously sinning and showing love and kindness at the same time, thinking you will finally only be subjected to the love you showed to others. Your sins too will be brought against you, so, let your love, kindness and compassion suppress the near occurrence of sin.

Till next time, this is from my mind’s mind.

Dealing with romantic rejection

When you love someone and the person does not love you back, it can feel like your world is crushing down. The pain you experience is very real. It is even scientifically proven that rejection activates a pain-sensing neuron in the brain that physical pains do. There is little you can do, should you find yourself in such situation.
Regardless of how painful it may be, you should know that you cannot control the other person.
I once updated my Whatsapp status with a fascinating post about loving someone who for whatever reasons cannot return that feeling, either because the person is being prevented by some impecunious circumstances or just wilfully ignoring that feeling.
Though, the post was not meant to escalate any discuss; just a mere exposition of poets and their work, it turned out to be the most viewed and commented about post.

The comments on the post made me aware of the fact that many people have or are experiencing similar situation in their lives.
In as much as you acknowledge pain of romantic rejection, you can only learn to get past the pain and move on with life.
As a Christian, you may think of it as unrequited love; to show how selfless you can be even in the midst of ingratitude. To shows the true character of your personality: the almost Christ-like character, unless of course, it is not fuelled by good intentions.
Looking at it this way will though not make you immune to pain, especially in the face of others whom you think are less deserving but are getting all the benefits. It only serves as first aid to hold you together from crushing down.
Even though, we do not love for reward, it is very imperative for the growth of relationships that each person’s efforts are acknowledged.
You know, some people stay on and try to push through it but if it is not relationship based on trust like siblings, parents or spouse to whom you are married to, it is not advisable to stay.
This is because, standing up for yourself in situations like this shows that you value yourself. According to a friend, she thinks a healthy relationship is the one in which two wholes who God has made whole for that matter to come together and benefit from each other and become one. It is rather not the two halves coming together to complete each other as previously held by many people.
I have the same opinion as she, in that, if only one is always benefiting, then it is parasitic. That is not what God desires for you, and it is not a human thing too. Humans love to be cherished. You too, need to be acknowledged for the part you play in other’s lives.

Till next time, this is from my mind’s mind.

The Precious Perfect Blood

SLXLMBy the blood of Jesus, I am set free


You got back from a long day lecture. You took a shower and turned on your radio set to listen to some soothing melodies to take a nap. You heard breaking news and it was a report about a small village in Senegal known as Fatik, where some people have died, strangely from a virus.

It was not the guinea worm infection we already knew. It was a kind that had not been seen or heard before. It was also not influenza, but only three people were reported dead.

The ministry of health was going to dispatch some specialist to the place to investigate the cause of that outbreak.

The first things that came to your mind was: “Why should people travel all the way from this country to the Senegal because of the death of three people?”

“Why should the government put the lives of faithful Ghanaians into danger?”

“This is probably the way the government is taking to amass wealth in the guise of international relations”. You didn’t think much about it because men die every day.

Coming from Church the next Sunday, you heard another story in the news at 12:00pm in the car you boarded. This time, the casualties were not just three people but four thousand men with an additional two thousand in the hospitals in critical conditions. The whole village of Fatik had been wiped out and experts confirmed that the virus was a strain that had never been seen before.

Unfortunately, the men that were sent to investigate the cause of the virus could not make it. They too died of the virus. The media suddenly found a name for it. They called it “THE EBOLA VIRUS”

On Monday morning, it was the lead story in all the national dailies and social media platforms. It was not now only at Senegal but has spread to Mauritania, Mali, Algeria, Guinea, Sierra Leon, Guinea Bissau and Niger.  It still seemed far away from Ghana.

Before you knew, you were hearing the news everywhere, including foreign broadcasting corporations. It was there that you heard the pastors and fetish priests giving comments on the outbreak. Some said it was the scourge of God.

The case became interesting when “Angel Prophet Doctor Obinim” came out and claimed the cause of the outbreak as his orchestration to punish those who spoke against him. Everyone was wondering how we were going to contain this.

The president of Burkina Faso announced that he had closed all borders in a way to prevent the virus from entering the country. That night, you decided to tune in to BBC before you go to bed. Tears almost dripped down your cheeks when a weeping Sudanese woman’s words were translated into English.

You needed much information of the case so you tuned in to the 6:00 am news at GBC in the following morning. There was a man lying in a hospital in Ouagadougou. The virus was already in Burkina. Panic strikes. Ghana finally closed all borders but it was too late for that. Within this few hours Ghana was plunge into an unbelievable fear. The virus has entered Paga, Nandom, Bolgatanga, Takyiman, Kintampo and Yendi. Within hours the virus enveloped the whole of the country like bushfire.

On that faithful Friday, the doctors drained all the blood of the child and he died so that the world could be saved.
Brethren, this is how God though loved his son, approved of his death. A death he did not call for. A death he did not deserve. To die so that we can be cured of our diseases. The disease of ungratefulness, adulatory, fornication, homosexuality, lies, licentiousness, theft, corruption, greediness, laziness, anger, and abusive words.

The next three day, a state burial was to be organized for the young boy who saved the world. The boy who sacrificed his blood so that you and I would be free from our indelible sins. At the state burial, the entire world
were invited so that we could honor this brave boy.

Few came; some gave worthless excuses and some did not even read the invitation. For those who came, after a short while, some became angry saying the program was boring, others said it was lengthy and still other said it was not interesting. Some dozed off, some too were fidgeting with their phones; whatsapping, Facebooking, twitting and snap chatting. Yet others left the grounds to receive their calls and did their own business.

Others too came just to talk to disturb others who were willing to participate in the program. I sat down quietly watching how people were composing themselves. I asked myself; was it the fault of the man to sign the form so that his only son would die to save people he didn’t even know?
We go to church to honor our blessed Lord Jesus Christ. How many times have you given the excuses above?

How many times have you thought you were just wasting your time sitting at church? How many time has your behavior and mannerisms disturbed the sanity of the state burial (church) with your dressing, attention and
composure? The father of the young boy will one day come and ask you of that precious blood. Be in a position to render an account of it.

How prepared are we for the rainy season?

We are just two months way from the third commemoration of one of the dark days of the country where about 160 souls and property perished in a fire outbreak amidst flood.

While the survivors and families of the victims are still healing from emotional wounds, the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMeT) has predicted a heavy downpour with lightning flashes as part of this year’s long rainy season.

According to the agency, the rains are expected to start from April and last until the end of July. This supposes that flood prone areas are at risk.

The effects of flood waters have become a perennial problem in Ghana dating back to the early 1990s.

After the tragic June 3 incident, a committee was set and among the recommendations made, the committee proposed dredging of the Odaw and the Korle Lagoons, a ban on the use of plastic bags and certification and licensing of filling station.

The then Chief Executive of The Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Mr. Alfred Okoe Vanderpuie contracted the Dredge Masters Limited, a subsidiary of Zoomlion to desilt the lagoons, where all the flood waters congregate.

All hopes were that such fatalities would not occur after the drainage of these lagoons was done. Verily, the subsequent rains have not created such flooding havoc; however, there still exist places that experience flooding with the slightest downpour.

Few months ago, it was reported that over 3,000 residents of six Districts in the Northern Region were rendered homeless after severe rainstorm battered communities.

Not to mention of the rain that locked people indoors at the  Kaneshie, Abossey Okai, Circle, Nima Highway, East Legon and Tantra Hill areas some weeks ago.

That rain and its resulting floods caused massive traffic in the capital city and causing some damages to properties.

With almost three years from the tragic occurrence, what has happened to the committee’s recommendation, especially on banning plastic bags and containers? Are we prepared enough to prevent similar occurrences as the GMeT has predicted a heavy downpour in the upcoming rainy season?

If the cleaning of the Odaw and Korle lagoons has prevented the re-occurrence of the flooding havoc, then the nation risks another fatal flood as plastic containers and bags have choked up these drainage.

Take a walk along the banks of the two main drainage; i.e. Odaw and Korle, and see how the lagoons have become garbage soups with plastic bags and containers floating on the water. This has made the levels of the water rise up.

With the slightest rain, the lagoons, especially Korle, will overflow its bank causing a lot of flood in the city.

This, among others, is clear indication that we are lingering behind as far as preparations towards the prevention of floods are concerned.

Empty your cup to get it refilled – A plain advice to all NSP

It all started when I got admission to the university and had to attend my first lecture.

It was one bright Thursday morning and I dressed up with all my stationery fully loaded in my school bag.

Typical of every first year student, we were all seated in the lecture hall an hour before the lecturer came in.

There entered a bald short man with a stunning look on his face; maybe it was a way of welcoming students into a different setting like the university.

The first few things he did were to greet us, introduce himself, his Teaching Assistant and the course he was going to lecture.

Next, he asked a colleague to wipe the board which had some gibberish writings on it, then he said;‘these are your respective knowledge from your various Senior High Schools’.

A lot of us did not understand that ritual very well. I think some do not understand still.

Actually, I only got to understand that ritual when I was posted to do my National Service with a company.

I realized aside from everything I have learnt in school, the corporate world had different dictates, thereby; making all the knowledge acquired previously ‘gibberish’.

Although, “I knew my thing”. Abi you know what I mean.

Considering myself as a university graduate was enough to hold shoulder high and make those whom I went to meet know that,chaley, me too I dey.

Dear National Service Personnel, if you have such ideas running through your mind, I am sorry; you are treading a slippery path.

You should know that there are clear-cut distinctions between that “first class academic” excellence and the “Low grade work experience”.

The irony is that the latter,which in most cases,looked down upon, is very expensive and can only be achieved not on a silver platter.

You may be the best student from your institution but you cannot match head to head with even the cleaner of an establishment.At least, that uneducated cleaner has a lot on-job experience than you, who is from academia with no employability skills.

I am in no means saying that academic qualifications are useless. They aren’t useless; they are very vital and essential quality that needs to be achieved by any one possible.

My argument lies in the fact that, whether the best or otherwise, you need to empty your cup of pride and settle for the last, if not the least, in a way to get the cup refilled with on-job experience.

It is a National Service so you would ultimately be required to add on to what is being done, but you can’t give what you don’t have.

And if I tell you that you can’t give what you don’t have; trust me; you don’t have what it takes to be in the corporate world. I have been there before.

I have this simple thing to tell you: take advantage of your new setting, turn it to a different learning ground and explore new areas.

As Isaac Newton has it “if I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

This metaphor of a dwarf standing on the shoulders of a giant expresses the meaning of discovering truth by building on previous discoveries.

Don’t be ‘too known’ to learn new things. Be calm and you will be too knowing through learning.

After all, we only need a bowl of Fufu and energy drink as my colleague, King Midas, will say.

Till next time, this is from my mind’s mind.