I’m a Christian because. . . pillow conversation with Moonlight

Often times we hear life is a choice, and we choose what we want to become and what to become of us. Have we ever thought of the things we never get the opportunity to choose ourselves?

For instance, the family or country we want to come from, the religious sect we want to be affiliated to, the kind of god we want to serve, etc.

Should we have the opportunity to make all these choices, our lines would have never crossed. That’s not a big deal anyway because we have no connections with people elsewhere but life still goes on for us.

However, after listening to Imrana’s song titled; “Imagine say”, (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=S3QCi1dU1zg) l realised we are, to some extent, who we are not because of a decision we made or a path we chose, rather, we are what the world serves us with even when we have not requested for it.

Imagine you being born into a Christian family, there is sure possibility of you becoming a Christian.

Such is so for all other religions and even those who think they are not part of any.

In actual facts, about 98% of the people caught up in my survey on why they were affiliated to a particular religion admitted that they had no choice because it was what they were introduced to. “When I realised I was human, I had been introduced to Christianity already,” an interviewee said.

He added that he was still in that particular religion because “my quest to understand some things has yielded a good reason to stay a Christian.”

Same can be said about people in other religions, including Moonlight who thinks she’s not part of any religion.

She was born into a family that believes in science, and though, they acknowledge the existence of God, they do not worship Him the way the various religions do. That does not make them evil, right?

This has become her orientation by virtue of the fact that it was introduced to her at birth just like Islamism, Buddhism and Christianity were introduced to people at birth without their consent.

Also, just as someone born into a religious family, she too in the quest to find God has come to accept what she was introduced to as true and sacred means of acknowledging Him.

Have you ever wondered what religion you would have been affiliated to if you had not been introduced to the one you are currently in? Imagine you ended up in that religion that you so much despise now.

Imagine you have come to accept the religion you despise so much.

At the end of it all, there is no conviction that your religion is the best. Everyone thinks his is best too, so let’s appreciate each other’s orientation and live in harmony.

Till next time, this is a pillow conversation with Moonlight.

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