Unintended discovery 😆😆

How fun…….wait….I mean, how frustrating😤😬 was your school days?

You see that jiffy when it is getting to the end of the semester and 1983 famine has broke into your chop box? That period is very devastating.☹ This is the very moment that thought me a recipe I have been doing for a while now.

I woke up one ‘famine morning’ with nothing in my pocket💰 but I had a sachet of spaghetti🍜 (the Gino one some), sugar and some rolls of milk powder in my box.😉 That is actually all I needed on my recipe list. It’s a lie;😂😂😂 that was all I had left in my chop box so l had no other option than to make something out of it, hehehehe.

But talia🍜 and sugar de33, abi no lieñ oo. They don’t crisscross at any junction, especially on this part of our continent. But man must eat.

I broke the spatter into pieces, almost as small as grains of rice and cooked it like I was preparing “rice water”.🍚 I added my sugar and milk powder, and breakfast was served.🍵

Chaley, the thing dey be roff.👌

I didn’t have any special skills already or aware of that recipe oo, but you know, hunger can make you do so much nonsenses sometimes, and my nonsense turned out to be my special recipe.😅😅

Don’t try some yet. And if you try it, acknowledge the proponent of this recipe.

Till next time, this is my special nonsense recipe.

Published by Nanayawinforms

Far from being the pious injection of a utopian dreamer, the command to love one another is an absolute necessity for our survival.

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